Afghan Instrumental: Broadcasting the language of peace through music Famous Indian song "Ghar Aya Mera Pardesi" performed on Rubab by Humayun Sakhi, making a great fusion of Afghan and Indian musical heritage.

Rabab - Qais Essar;   Tabla - Neelamjit Dhillon;  Sarangi - Sandeep Mishra 

Bint al-Balad means "Daughter of the Homeland", and is a great instrumental composition by Egyptian composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab. Musicians in this video: Abderrahim Amthqal - Ney; Chakib Hilali - Oud; Druminic - Riq (Arabic tambourine) The Saltanah Ensemble performs traditional Arabic music, and is based in Washington DC / Northern Virginia / Maryland.

UNESCO: Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity - 2008 URL: Description: Widely recognized as Iraqs predominant classical music tradition, the Maqam encompasses a vast repertory of songs, accompanied by traditional instruments. Moreover, this popular genre provides a wealth of information on the musical history of the region and the Arab influences that have held sway over the centuries.

HaL'haka HaSepharadit HaYerushalmit performing the classic Adon HaSlichot. Featuring vocals by Uriel Suliman, qanun (zither) by Aaron Hai, violin by Yosef Gabai, darbuka (percussion) by Ezri Ohev-Tzion, and riq (tambourine) by Avraham Cohen. הלהקה הספרדית הירושלמית של רשימו For full interview in English click here:

Sea music from Kuwait (1) A film by Rolf Killius for the Qatar Digital Library. Sea music performance led by the nahhamah (singular: naham; the lead singer in sea music) Bader Al-Bulushi, Tarik Al-Houli, 'Adnan Al-Kharas and Abdul Razzaq Al-Dekheel.