Do You Know What Your Students Know?

Attention All Teachers:

Do you dream of your students being fully engaged in their lessons?

Innovative, arts-integrated programming CAN make it happen! Please check out this promo for Sounds Around The World. A game designed to ignite students' curiosity and excitement to learn geography/social studies.

There is some footage of kids playing the game at the end of the video - you won't believe how much fun they are having as they learn!

Our first blog written about Sounds Around

Our first blog written about Sounds Around

As my first post to the Sounds Around Blog. I am going to repost a blog that was written about the game by teacher Ryan Kaiser of the Baltimore Public School System.  

It has been a great journey to get this tool into the hands of teachers. I am confident that once more teachers like Mr. Kaiser apply this game to geography education, we will see interest and knowledge in world geography increase substantially.  



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