How Important is Music in Media? A big shark named Jaws can tell you.

Recently, I have been watching movies just for the music. Watching for how the music interacts with the scenes, action and story line. Most recently,  I have re-watched the Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, Harry Potter to name a few. 

But it is not just how the music interacts with the movie that is most interesting to me.

It is how we interact with the music that I find most interesting. It is how the music elicits physical and mental responses. How it draws from our body physical responses, such as chills, pupil dilation, change in blood pressure, and changes in heart rate. How it calls forth from our brain, memories and past associations. 

Let's take a look at an example of a scene from Jaws with and without music.

This video educates aspiring filmmakers on the importance of a musical score. We'll look at a clip from Jaws without John Williams' music, and then we get to see the same scene with the music included.

So here is my question: 

Commercial interests actively use music to influence behavior & actions.

Why not educators?