#worldgeochat Playlist - 1.26.2016

Topic: Formative Assessment

Creating a playlist for a topic on Formative Assessment was an intriguing challenge. So I got into the purpose of a FA:

  1. Checking in.
  2. Discovering your student's current scenario.
  3. Helping students to know themselves.
  4. Choosing a lens to view progress. 

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"Check it out, What's it all about, Work it out, Let's turn this party out!"

Check It Out



The Formative Assessment Song by @gallowayschools

The Formative Assessment


"What's The Scenario? "Watch, as I combine all the juice from the mind.."



In my opinion, the ultimate goal is for students to know themselves. 

Learn Yourself


Without a lenses through which to view, we may miss what our students understand versus what they don't. http://

The Sound of Silence