Our first blog written about Sounds Around

As my first post to the Sounds Around Blog. I am going to repost a blog that was written about the game by teacher Ryan Kaiser of the Baltimore Public School System.  

It has been a great journey to get this tool into the hands of teachers. I am confident that once more teachers like Mr. Kaiser apply this game to geography education, we will see interest and knowledge in world geography increase substantially.  



"Sounds Around The World" Geomusical Game


"Today we played an exciting game called "Sounds Around the World" created by talented local musician Jason Armstrong Baker. The game is similar to the "Beat the Teacher" and "Beath Each Other" games we have played all year. The difference is the students are listening to music rather the questions from each other or myself. In teams the students tried to answer what continent, sub-region and country the music was from. I was very impressed! The students did an awesome job and they also knew where the countries were on the map! What was even more impressive was when they explained just how they were familiar with the music from around the world. Their answers varied from TV and music, to listening to music at home and even visiting some of these places in person.  We will continue to the play this game the rest of the year! "

Here is a link to the original blog post

Afterwards the student's posted some comments. These always make me smile. 

"We all enjoy the game Mr. Jason, can't believe were the first ones to do it thanks for creating the game ,its awesome what a fun game."

"This was a great game to play and have fun while also learning about the different types of music from all around the world."

I would like to thank Mr.Jason for making the game boards. It was really fun and i hope we do it again in the future thank you Mr.Jason.

It was awesome & fun. WHO said tv&movies can't help you in school?

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