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Since we started developing and testing the game - over 500 students have played Sounds Around The World!!!

Preliminary data has shown students' self-confidence in relationship to geography increased by 32.8% after one play of SAW, their ability to identify countries increased by 15%.  But numbers alone don't paint the complete picture.  

Sounds Around the World (SAW) is an arts-integrated geography game designed with 21st century thinking.  Addressing Common Core and National Geography Standards, SAW brings world music together with specialty maps in exciting team-based play. In this kinesthetic, collaborative learning environment, students’ curiosity is engaged, with proven educational outcomes. 

Sounds Around The World engages the whole student—physically, mentally, emotionally, socially—and gets them excited to learn about their world. It’s at once incredibly easy to facilitate and exceptionally fun to play. Whether the student has learning difficulties or excels academically, Sounds Around The World is a fun, engaging and highly interactive way for young people to develop the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence required to thrive in the global era.

All these students are having fun while learning!

Read What The Students Are Saying

  • “I am pretty bad at geography, so it was interesting to relate [it to] the music.”

“This game helped me with world geography because it caused me to identify the continent and region that the song belonged to.”

  • “It really allowed me to visualized the countries when learning about them.”

“It helped me to connect the regions culturally, as opposed to strictly physically.”

  • “It helped me remember which countries were in specific regions of the world.”

“I now have a better understanding of where the culture is similar based on migrations and wars through music.”

  • “Learning countries while listening to music was fun!”

 “It helped me with the culture of some areas through their music, and what countries are close to each other.”

See For Yourself !!!



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