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Imagine walking into your classroom and your students are waiting in anticipation for their next lesson…

Having a firm understanding of world geography, cultures and civics has never been more important. In today’s hyper-connected world, with increasingly diverse workplaces, it is an absolute must in order to succeed.  Any student without a firm grasp of world geography and cultural awareness is at a DISTINCT disadvantage.

Increase Their Knowledge and Self Confidence With Music

Sounds Around The World is the patented collaborative learning geography program that uses music in a game format… and it gets RESULTS.


You see, music has always had the power to help people make stronger and deeper connections. Studies show music helps with learning and retention. And studies also show students who play Sounds Around The World have an increased understanding of geography, improved self-confidence, and enhanced abilities to work with others.

That is the magic behind Sounds Around The World.

It engages your student completely --- physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. And this helps his or her learning exponentially.

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Your students deserve the best chance to succeed. Therefore, I want to give you a FREE Sounds Around the World lesson to try for yourself. Simply try it out in your own classroom and decide if it’s right for your students. You’ll find it connects with students’ natural curiosity for music AND makes learning about the world fun and exciting!

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Take your students on a music video journey around the world!  Using one of the inspiring Playing for Change music project videos as source material, this FREE 15 minute lesson offers a window to cultures around the world.  Easy to use and fun for all!

There is absolutely no obligation. Simply try out your FREE lesson. If your students don’t have a great time and learn more in the process… no harm, no foul. But I’m confident you and they will be so impressed, you’ll want the complete program. Sounds Around the World is the patented, proven way to build confidence and geographical skills.

Give your students the chance they deserve to succeed.

Give yourself a cutting-edge educational tool that works!

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Our Design - Enhances Your Standards

Methodically designed and tested in the classroom, Sounds Around The World has been played by students nationwide, presented at multiple national and state conferences (NCSS, NCGE, TCSS and the MDCSS), piloted in Baltimore City and Howard County, Maryland schools, and is being purchased by school districts nationally. 

For your convenience, we have created a correlation chart to illustrate how our protocol enhances your student’s engagement with the TEKS Curriculum. Overall, Sounds Around The Wolrd provides a hands-on, whole-brain game that engages students to think critically, work with others, and explore their world. 

Please click on the following links to download each supporting document. 

  1. Order Form

  2. Executive Summary

  3. Capability Statement



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(5th grade, Middle & High School Edition)

10 Color-coded Geo-Musical Maps
Laminated & durable.

37 World Music Tracks
Carefully curated for young ears. Each track is unique to specific locations and cultures. Our playlist is licensed from ARC Music from the UK.

16 Page Teachers guide
A booklet in full-color with detailed instructions, the answer key, and 111 geography specific hints.

Black & White World Coloring Map

Teacher License
Each teacher's kit is licensed to the purchasing teacher or school without a term limit.

Easy To Administer & No Musical Background Is Needed



FREE - Supplemental Materials, Lesson Plans and Tutorials


Once you and your school have purchased a Sounds Around Teacher's Kit, you will have access to the following supporting materials. 

  1. Liner Notes, Lyrics and Song Details: A 37-page in-depth look at each track. Links to the original liner notes and lesson plans. 
  2. Vocabulary List:  250+ terms relevant to the game and geography in general.
  3. Virtual Excursion #1: Country Exploration Lesson Plan
  4. Black & White World Coloring Map


“I am pretty bad at geography, so it was interesting to relate [geography to] the music.” - Student


If you have any more questions, send me an email: jabaker@getsoundsaround.com


I look forward to hearing form you!

Jason Armstrong Baker MT-BC

Owner - Revolution Rhythm, LLC
Sounds Around The World™ - The Geography Game for the Global Era